8. C Diminished Chord Tree part 2

(In Between Diminished)

The difference between the C Diminished Chord Tree part 2 and part 1 is that now we have a restriction on what and how many tensions are available. The main focus is to stay as much within the tunes key center/signature as possible.

For the following representation of the “inside” diminished chords we have to assume that C-dim can be ♯I (in the key of B), ♯II or ♭III (key A), ♯IV (key F♯) or ♯VI (key D).
As you remember, these 5 inside versions of dim harmony will blend into any of the 5 keys better by not giving access to 4 tensions like the WT-HT scale just shown, but a selection of avoid notes and tensions.

Color codes for chord trees
C Diminished Chord Tree part 2