WhatAreChords-CoverReleased November 2015

“WHAT ARE CHORDS?” is a comprehensive A to Z 135 page tuition text about chords.
It is perfect for music students of all ages wishing to learn or expand their knowledge of harmony, for songwriters looking for that special chordal wisdom that takes their compositions to another level and the budding improviser seeking clarity among the maze of chord progressions in all styles of music.

In the pages of “What Are Chords?” you will find:

•    112 musical illustrations showing examples of the subject being discussed
•    49 audio tracks (“parked” on this site under the AUDIOS tab) giving you an aural demo of many topics.
•    The Major modes and all their associated scales and chords in triad, 4-note and 5 and more-note form.
•    A chapter on the Whole Tone scale and chords.
•    All the modes & chords of the Melodic Minor scale.
•    A thorough look at the Diminished Blues or Half-Tone Whole-Tone scale and its harmonies.
•    The sus4 chord types discussed in great detail.
•    The Modes between the Modes or how to treat chords that don’t “belong”.
•    How to write clearly understandable chord symbols of all chord types, from triads to 8-note harmony.
•    7 Chord Diagrams – A new, original view at the modes for the more schematically minded musician
•    9 Chord Trees – A new and original take on all chord types displayed as trees (makes sense to me!).
•    Why the Cycle of 5ths in its classical form is not user-friendly and how a simple tweak makes it you ally.
•    Free access to 5 videos that explain the Circle of Fifths in great detail.
•    The fundamental importance of understanding Guide Tones, what they are and how to use them.
•    Links to 4 free videos discussing the secrets of  Guide Tones.

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Or, if you prefer, the complete Kindle text is now also available as a PDF Download.

Happy music making!