3. C Major Modes 5-Note Chords Diagram

The C Major Modes 5-Note Chords Diagram takes the harmonies of the C major scale one step further to include all the available tensions in the 7 chord varieties.
As you can see, the choice is yours, from triads right up to 7-note chords.
In the 2 major chords (C Maj7 & F Maj7) the 6th is shown twice, once in it’s proper 6th position and then again up top of the column in the 13th position.
This is merely to make clear that the note A in the C chord and D in the F chord are both available as a 6th instead of the Maj7th (C6 / F6) and as an added note with the Maj7th ie. CMaj7(add6) / FMaj7(add6).
Remember: the 6th is never called a 13th in a major chord.

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C Major 5+ Notes Chords Diagram
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