4. C Whole Tone Scale Chord Diagram

The Whole Tone scale is an unusual “beast” and contains 6 Dominant 7th harmonies as you can see in my example of the C Whole Tone Scale Chord Diagram.

Thankfully there are only 12 Dominant 7(♯5) chords to learn because once you get familiar with the 6 shown below, all you have to do is transpose them all up a 1/2 tone (C♯/D♭- D♯/E♭- F – G – A – B) to give you the other 6.
Another semi-tone transposition up will deposit you straight back into the C-version starting on note 2.

The hardest part was to make sure that each note name shows the right interval relationship to the root note.

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C Whole Tone Scale Chord Diagram
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