It has been proven over and over again that regular time spent with an ear training tool generates enormous advantages for the music student.

Especially for those who have a struggle with pitch and time accuracy.

I keep informed about the latest in ear training software on the internet and no matter how many new and old pieces of ear training software I look at, the one that still stands head and shoulders above the others is this one:

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Some people, and that includes music students, just love games. Learning music via games is a fantastic way to study, especially for the younger pupil.

There are very few fun and meaningful ways to discover music theory through games. One of the best is the Theta Music Trainer.

As a member of that website you have access to dozens of games to practice ear training and many other aspects of music theory. And to make it even better it is very affordable.

Be “game”,  jump right in and visit their site by clicking on the image below.

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