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The “What Are Chords” website and PDF book do not provide detailed information about guitar chords. The main focus is on general chord tuition for all music students.

GB-Gtr-StrumBut as an amateur guitar player who started strumming at school and still owns an acoustic guitar more than 50 years later and who has written hundreds of guitar parts in just about all styles of music I feel entitled to pass on a little guitar chord advice.

So, if you’re a guitar student looking for chord advice, the content of this website will teach you plenty about harmony in a general sense, but may not satisfy you if you’re after specific guitar chords and fingerings etc.

You can of course find all that for free on the web by googling your fingers sore and go about it in an uncoordinated what-will-I-do-next fashion or you can get more organized tuition from any of the 100’s of guitar tutors out there in cyberspace.

Which one, of course, is the big question and who will give you top value for money?

Researching dozens of online guitar tuition providers has proven to me that there are very few who have really got their act together.

You deserve somebody who:

  • Gives you unlimited access to learn what and when you want
  • Offers a variety of courses
  • Provides hours of HD video lessons
  • Let’s you learn from the best online tutor
  • Is fully accessible on your computer, tablet or mobile
  • Has an obligation free trial
  • Does not cost the earth, in fact is very reasonably priced

You can get all this plus a well organized website and support from this team of guitar teachers who have a well proven track record. Check them out:

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